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Communicate with your customers on the move

Jack Marketing Solutions™ has over 23 years experience in the mobile communications marketplace. The key to this, and all marketing is to understand your customer – being relevant and trustworthy is profitable.

Mobile marketing and advertising is the creation of marketing communications exclusively for mobile devices. Formats include text messagespictures messagesdisplaysearch and voice. Other mobile-media includes shortcodesBluetooth and apps.

Be relevant in your customer’s pockets, 24/7

Mobile is the only media that allows brands to communicate interactively with consumers when they are on the move e.g. commuting or in a shopping centre, in their pockets or purses, at any time of their day.

Of all the media available for a marketing campaign, mobile is the one that has the most potential today. Smartphone users are a great marketing demographic to target, especially if you want to run a successful integrated marketing campaign.

Just keep in mind – the smartphone users’ demographics include:

  • 1 in 2 users made a purchase on their mobile device.
  • Over half of all users contacted the business found on a mobile ad or search.
  • Nearly half of all users looked up a business on a mobile map.

Mobile as part of an integrated marketing campaign?

There are several ways in which you can integrate mobile communications in your integrated marketing campaign. For example:

  • Use geolocation: attract potential customers who are close by with special offers sent to their device.
  • Integrate behavioural targeting by sending them to customised landing pages and providing coupons with promotions.
  • Engage customers and passer-bys with QR codes. Customers can trigger mobile video, you can drive traffic to your website, send them SMS coupons and much more.
  • Target your campaigns based on information about the gender and age of your customers.

The future of mobile communications

Mobile websites and mobile apps will drive increasingly more customer engagement and M-commerce as businesses understand the medium better, and customer get more comfortable in using it.

M-commerce is increasing in popularity and flexibility, with Apple’s Passbook, the Google wallet, and other payment apps. It will go beyond just being a transaction app, these apps will soon allow users to manage coupons and loyalty cards.

We will see companies bringing more subtle mobile advertising containing simple messages, and using technology such as real time bidding (RTB), these will be targeted to specific users at particular times of day or locations.

Successful companies are already including mobile communications as a major part of their marketing communications mix. It is becoming an essential, not optional, part of any successful advertising campaign.

Why mobile communications right for your business?

  • With 65% of e-mail being classed as spam, less than 10% of SMS is.
  • Mobile coupon redemption is 10 times higher than traditional coupons.
  • Mobile marketing costs less per customer reached than most traditional marketing channels.
  • Mobile communications has an extremely high conversion rate. Text messaging is a far less cluttered channel, with conversion rates at 12-15% and increasing.

We help businesses put mobile marketing and communication to work. Our communications strategies and experience with mobile services gives you the ability to reach your customers with information they want – wherever they are locatedwhenever they want to access it.

Our responsive mobile communications solutions ensure your messages are clearattractive, and effective. Contact us today on +44(0)203 397 3557 to maximise your mobile communications impact.

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