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Build your customer engagement

Your business can build customised applications or apps for customers to engage with the products and brands. Mobile apps help businesses connect with their customers, they help inform customers, build loyalty and ultimately generate business – and then repeat business.

Mobile app marketing has benefits over the mobile web

  • A mobile app is always visible on your smartphone’s home screen.
  • It takes a second to launch a mobile app, whereas it can take time for a mobile website to load at times.
  • Mobile apps appear and are marketed in other online stores, whereas your mobile website has to compete in search engine listings.
  • Mobile apps can generally function offline if properly planned and built, mobile websites generally don’t.
  • Push notifications can deliver direct contact with your customers on a mobile app.

This does not mean that you can ignore building a mobile website, but it should demonstrate that you should look to build a mobile app!

Benefits of mobile apps

Benefits for your customers

  • Automatic reminder service of an important date or appointment.
  • Easy access to your products/services.
  • Embedded QR code scanner to deliver information quickly.
  • Instant appointment scheduling.
  • Location-based services or offers based on customer locality.
  • Maps or directions guiding customers to your store or offices.
  • One-touch access to your contact information.
  • Provide personalised chat, either as part of the mobile app, or as push-to-talk.
  • Special events, product launches and offers can be notified directly.

Benefits for you business

  • Avoid spam filters.
  • Build personal relationships.
  • Connect with your ‘mobile’ customers.
  • Enhance your links into the social networking sites that are important to your customers.
  • Improve your up-sell and cross-sell.
  • Increase loyalty by building more insight of your customers.
  • Increase your brand visibility.
  • Provide accessibility of your brand and products.
  • Reinforce your brand message and personality.

Mobile app development services

iPhone app development

The Apple iPhone is without doubt the most renowned smartphone in today’s market. The Apple iStore is the only way to get mobile apps in front of customers for download, and thus for use. Apple vet the apps for quality before being permitted onto the iStore.

If you plan to engage with your customers with mobile apps, you cannot afford to ignore the iPhone.

iPad app development

Some years ago, nobody thought that we needed handheld touchscreen devices, but the Apple iPad has had a tremendous impact on the way we live our lives, and the way we do business.

It is estimated that 91% of business professionals use an iPad to get things done, indicating the importance of ensuring iPad app development is a part of your company’s mobile strategy.

Whilst many of the iPhone apps will work on the iPad – thanks to the common iOS platform – there are differences that make it a different and differently valuable interface.

Android app development

Android is now the most dominant smartphone platform in the world, and therefore a platform that your business cannot afford to ignore. Traded through the Google Play Store, they can generate a good ROI and quick break-even.

With over 300 different Android devices currently available to consumers. These devices come with different display sizes, performance specifications, OS versions and even different hardware control mechanisms.

Windows app development

Microsoft has been playing catch-up in the mobile market, and the release of Windows mobile platforms tries to combine desktop and mobile devices along with touchscreen interfaces.

Contact Jack Marketing Solutions™ today to find out how you can we can help you maximise your marketing impact with great mobile app development.

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