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Accurately locate customers for profit

Highly accurate location based services (LBS) are increasingly becoming core to a mobile user experience. They are being used for applications ranging from finding friends and family to tracking packages to mobile advertising.

Location based services can open up a huge range of opportunities for your business, especially if integrated with optimisation technology. Optimised service businesses are able to move beyond the basics of location technology, combining customer insights and behavioural targeting to maximise impact.

LBS applications

We work with the best technology suppliers to offer you both active and passive location solutions, designed tooptimise your LBS results while reducing network impact. LBS solutions should support both legacy devices and the latest smartphones and should be easily deployed. There are also Bluetooth activities that mirror LBS – such as Blujacking.

Business benefits of LBS marketing

Once implemented, it is a low-cost and highly targeted communications platform.

Every time you connect with a local customer, you are gaining great insight and targeting them with relevant promotions.
LBS marketing is also geographically targeted as you know that you are talking to people who are within walking distance of your store, products or service.

Reward loyal customers as soon as you ‘see’ them
Every marketer knows that it’s more efficient to keep an existing customer than to try to win a new one. Local check-ins give you a tangible way to identify your most loyal customers and reward them with discountspreferential treatment or just recognition.

Attract new customers thanks to the insights you gain of your customers.
LBS marketing is one of the best ways to convert foot traffic and online traffic into new customers. Using digital media to connect face-to-face with customers is a great fusion of the two. New customer specials can convert them by creating a human relationship as they approach the store or office.

Attract customers for a specific event.
Combining your communicationssocial media and LBS can help you attract a large audience to a specific event. Attracting a crowd can add a real ‘buzz’ to your business that can get bystanders engaging with you out of curiosity!

Convert sales impulses to profitable sales
LBS marketing helps to remove barriers to sales. When a customer is physically close to your store, you increase the chance of persuading them to purchase from you.

Even out seasonality or dayparting in trade
LBS marketing can help to even out the unevenness of trade by attracting more local customers during traditionally quiet periods.

Become a local magnet for trade
Strategic use of LBS marketing can create a viral buzz in your area. By focusing your marketing efforts locally, you can saturate your market to create a barrier for competitors to enter.

Improve local search engine rankings
Many LBSs rank very well in search engine results as they push to make more local impact themselves.

Measure your LBS results
LBS systems can provide you with a wealth of metrics that can increase your business and customer insight. Metrics such as average order valuefrequencyloyalty and movement.

Contact Jack Marketing Solutions™ today to find out how location based services can help you maximise your business impact.

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