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It seems that everyone has a mobile phone these days, and most of them understand how to read and write text messages. Jack Marketing Solutions™ boasts some of the top mobile marketers in our ranks, so why not see how we can help you?

Mobile marketing has experienced enormous growth over the past year because technology innovations have allowed marketers around the world to conduct campaigns across carriers. The industry also smartly created the means for brands to monetise the mobile channel and to make it fun for consumers, while enabling those brands to create and solidify their position with consumers – and to make money. It’s a win-win scenario.

Mobile marketing is thought of as a consumer advertising activity, but it is increasingly being used for business-to-business communications, and it offers the same great benefits.

Our mobile marketing solutions include:

  • Mobile data content strategy development.
  • SMS (text messaging) marketing solutions.
  • MMS (picture messaging) marketing solutions.
  • Mobile website development.
  • Mobile marketing solutions.

Mobile Marketing Solutions – Key Benefits

  • Direct access for marketing messages to the individual customer.
  • Consistency in multi-channel communications.
  • Increased customer interaction.
  • Ability to send fashionable messages to customers.

For the non-mobile savvy, the terms and perceived complexity of the industry appear daunting. With abbreviations like “SMS,” “PSMS,” “APP,” and “MMS” and terms such as “mobile video” and “mobile advertising,” how does a brand begin to launch a mobile marketing campaign? In fact, it’s very simple. The key terms are:

  • SMS (short message service): This is often referred to as “text” or “text messaging.” It’s the ability to send text-based messages person to person (P2P); from person to application, such as a voting application (P2A); or application to person, as with an acknowledgement or information (A2P).
  • PSMS (premium SMS): Premium means the service user will be charged an incremental fee instead of the basic text charge. The transaction usually involves participation in a programme, purchase of a ringtone or wallpaper, or something similar.
  • App: short for application, is a software programme that is designed to perform a specific function directly for an end user or, in some cases, for another software programme. Apps are typically small, self-contained, and often designed to run on a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet computer. However, they can also be run on desktop computers and laptops.
  • MMS (multimedia messaging service): Ever taken pictures with your phone and sent them to friends or emailed them? MMS includes that, video, sounds, and longer text messages.
  • Mobile video: It’s exactly what it sounds like: watching TV, music videos, commercials, and so on from your mobile device.
  • Mobile advertising: Like Internet or TV advertising initiatives, this is the ability to offer a call to action or brand banner within the mobile application, whether it’s mobile Web (including WAP), text messaging (SMS), pictures (MMS), or video.

Consumers’ fear being inundated with spam. They shouldn’t worry though, the mobile industry has learned from the Internet; it’s instituted guidelines and best practices that not only protect consumer experience and privacy, but also ensure the integrity of a publisher’s data. Our founder, Thom Poole was involved in setting many of the UK’s mobile phone standards.

Jack Marketing Solutions™ can undertake this work for you, and help you define your requirements and develop a brief. Contact us now to find out how we can help you release your mobile marketing potential.

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