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The future of digital advertising is now

Real time bidding (RTB) is the future of advertising, allowing advertisers to place live bids in order to acquire impressions on a particular media. With this much flexibility, advertisers can narrow down their target market based on content that the user is looking at, or behaviours that they have exhibited online.

In this spot market transactions are done in real time, without a specific contract or volume commitment, the price is set in an open auction, and transactions are done at the individual ad impression level.

This is highly beneficial to both publishers and advertisers alike; Real Time Bidding is a true revolution in digital advertising, and certainly one that no advertiser can overlook.

Real time bidding is the new digital ad solution that is revolutionising the advertising industry, allowing advertising buyers and sellers:

  • Bid/sell in real-time on available ad inventory.
  • Maximise returns within shorter timelines.
  • Improve budgetary flexibility.
  • Set price based on site content relevance.

How RTB works

When users visits a website, the ad exchange conducts auctions between multiple buyers for impressions on that site. The buyers bid for those impressions based on the value of the users (behavioural and demographic), the context in which the ads are shown (e.g. the theme or subject matter of the website) and the types of ad unit(dimensions, scope for rich media).

This whole auction process takes place in milliseconds, which is why the process is referred to as “real-time.” RTB can take place with display advertising, DOOHmobile and video platforms.

There are 3 prominent participants in the RTB landscape:

  • The Demand Side Platform (DSP).
  • The Publisher.
  • The Ad Exchange.

Benefits of Real Time Bidding

What are the benefits for agencies?

  • Increased control over your campaign performance.
  • Increased campaign spending efficiencies.
  • Better results delivered for your campaigns.

What are the benefits for advertisers?

  • Enhanced customer targeting capabilities.
  • Cost effective campaign reach and frequency.
  • Reduced wastage in impressions and budget.

What are the benefits for publishers?

  • Opportunities for higher revenues with inventory by opening that inventory to a buyers market designed to maximise the value of each individual impression.

A more efficient way to buy

Ad exchanges let buyers dynamically set bid prices in real-time, offering the opportunity to optimise their return on ad spend (ROAS) based on actual campaign performance. This is a huge opportunity for buyers. With this real-time approach to ad optimisation, buyers can dynamically reallocate budget based on actual ad performance.

It’s a simpler way to transact

To capitalise on these opportunities, buyers should purchase ads on a real-time basis. Integrating with an RTB-enabled ad exchange provides efficient access to inventory across thousands of quality websites across the world. 

Bidding, reporting, and billing are normally managed centrally within the RTB bidding interface. There are no exchange seats or monthly minimum spends required.

So if you are looking to improve the performance of your business and future-proof your digital advertising with RTB, then contact Jack Marketing Solutions™ today.

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