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Buying the right space for your message

Media buying is simply the process of buying media time or media space for your digital advertising.

Types of media include televisionradiomagazinesnewspapers, and anywhere else the public goes for news, entertainment, or information. The Internet is a form of digital media.

Whether you’re in a large corporate or an SME, buying advertising media can be time-consuming and expensive. To help you save time and enable you to buy media at a more competitive price, you can take advantage of the Jack Marketing Solutions™ media buying network.

Media buying service

We provide you with a specialist media planning and buying service for their business needs. Media buying is traditionally the media discipline of media buying agencies, with the emphasis on being able to put your message in the right place to your target customers at the right time for the right cost. Easy really – isn’t it? Well, that is why we partner with the best in the industry – delivering you the very best expertise.

Our promise to you

We operate an open-book system with you, so what we pay is what you pay – it’s not just about trust, it’s about delivering the value that you earn through our systems.

We create a robust media plan with you that result in a unique media buying strategy that fit your objectives as they develop across all media.

We strive to deliver added value with every single piece of media buying, starting with the plan. Your campaigns will be measured for impact.

Our expert network spends time implementing the plan by negotiating every single penny out of the media prices. The plan thorough plan is key to this as it focuses the media buyers to do what they are best at – buying!

We use the leading international media buyers to leverage their contacts and relationships to give you best value media prices in market.

Contact Jack Marketing Solutions™ today on +44(0)203 357 3557 to maximise your potential with our world-class media buying service.

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