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Break through the noise with targeted digital advertising

There are so many challenges faced by today’s digital marketing executives, and they need to meet these challenges during a time of enormous marketplace change.

Jack Marketing Solutions™ (JMS™) helps businesses generate more value through improving performance in digital advertising, ad analyticsaudience measurement and ad operations. We are action-oriented and results-driven approach – proven to deliver you tangible value, such as increased revenuehigher conversion rates and increased efficiency.

What we do

Our core digital advertising solutions structure includes:

  • Business evaluation – where are your today, where are the gaps and what are the objectives?
  • Strategy development – Web strategy consulting, roadmap development, metrics strategy and business case development.
  • Planning and implementation – tender writing and management, platform development and technology planning, reporting and analytics.
  • Analysis – data analysis and reporting for decision making.
  • Governance.
  • Full training of necessary staff.

How we do it

Our core digital advertising solutions tactics includes:

  • Operational strategy – aligning the operations with your sales and marketing objectives; definition of business skills and tools, and identifying the appropriate solutions for customers.
  • Business change management – setting the most appropriate organisational structure, defining roles and responsibilities, maximising communications (internally and externally), training and knowledge transfer.
  • Technology management – assessment of the tools and technology used, ad serving, planning, analytics and integration with current systems as applicable.
  • Project management – for digital advertising and infrastructure projects.

Digital advertising

Every business has different needs – whether it’s a geo-targeted campaign, or detailed reporting, we guarantee the development of the best solutions to your diverse set of needs.

At Jack Marketing Solutions™ we design customised digital advertising solutions to deliver the results you want. Our solutions include:

  • Creative development – consistent with offline campaigns, as applicable.
  • Display advertising – planning, creation, placement and evaluation.
  • Affiliate marketing – plan set-up, partner monitoring and evaluation.
  • Video advertising – planning, shooting/editing, placement and evaluation.
  • Retargeting – multimedia planning, placement and evaluation.
  • Behavioural targeting – helping to build your knowledge of your customers.
  • Lead generation – feeding your sales funnel.
  • Engagement.

As digital advertising is so innovative, there are many different formats we can be propose, but some of the standard ones are: 

  • Banner ads.
  • Button advert.
  • Skyscraper ad.
  • Expandable banner/skyscraper.
  • Homepage Take-over.
  • Digital Out-of Home.

Digital advertising campaign objectives

To make your campaign as effective as possible, JMS™ need to understand exactly what you need the campaign to achieve – and we can then tailor a package for you. 

However, we can categorise your desired results of a campaign along a scale from general branding to highly targeted direct response

Important metrics for a digital advertising campaign include: 

  • Ad impressions.
  • Reach.
  • Brand exposure duration – BXD.
  • Interactivity and engagement.
  • Clicks.
  • Click through rates.
  • View conversions.
  • Click conversions.
  • Revenue.
  • Cross sales.
  • Up sales.
  • Life time value.

The JMS digital advertising process

Media planning

Our experienced team understand what is required to create an effective media plan. We plan and co-ordinate across all media, all tied to detailed research of your business and your customers. We work very closely with our media partners to understand what media choices will be best to reach your customers.

Whatever the digital advertising objectives – we ensure your customers can interact with and see the brand effectively. And we do not ignore traditional marketing channels, or guerrilla methods to maximise your advertising impact.

We also work closely with your creative partners to make sure that the media strategy works hand in hand with the adverts.

Once you have signed-off the media plan, we proceed to the next stage which is the media buying.

Media buying

Our media buying partners negotiates the best possible rates and deals on your behalf and confirms the media bookings to the online media owners. We use partners for this, as media buyers must have excellent relationshipswith the media owners, so we use the most appropriate for your business and objectives. In this way, you have access to best market pricing, and superior media owner relationships.

The digital advertising offer

  • Solutions that allow you to determine where adverts appear and are most appropriate to your brand/s.
  • Access to the data to help you assess the most appropriate channels for your campaign/s.
  • Comprehensive reporting tools to understand how your adverts are performing.
  • Integrated solutions in harmony with your own systems, including up-to-date RTB.
  • Access to the experts who can help you maximise the impact of your campaign/s.


We offer:

  • Simpleglobal solutions for compliance with emerging digital advertising methodology.
  • Confidence to deliver your message, including more informed trading decisions.
  • Ability to customise ad placement to meet your needs and expectations.

All Jack Marketing Solutions™ services provide a range of features customised to your individual requirements across all segments of the digital advertising industry. Contact us today for an initial chat.

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