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Is your marcoms suitable for modern media?

You may be looking for more hits, higher conversion rates, increased sales, faster growth, better engagement, improved brand management, smarter internal communications, etc., but where do you turn?

The solution could involve anything from a simple piece of coding or campaign design to a complete strategic review. Whatever your requirements, Jack Marketing Solutions™ are focused on maximising your marketing ROI and engaging your customers.

You might feel that you have a grip on marketing to your customers, but have you adapted to marketing to a technological driven societyGeneration Y, or the millenials are so comfortable with digital media, you must engage them on their terms.

Digital marketing is always used as part of a wider marketing strategy that focuses on what you want to achieve for your business with effective marketing communications. We can help you to understand how to get your message across, on the most appropriate medium to use to achieve the best results.

Our core digital marketing communications services include: 

  • Website marketing strategy development.
  • Website marketing optimisation.
  • Social media strategy development.
  • Social media marketing optimisation.
  • Online search engine marketing and advertising.
  • Online reputation management.
  • Digital marketing, social marketing and mobile marketing communications.
  • Web monitoring, analytics and measurement.

Digital marketing communications strategies

There are three main strategies that we can offer it comes to your digital marketing communication plan, and they are classified as the three P’s; push, pull and profile. Ideally, these should be used together in a blended communication strategy rather than just a single focus. These strategies are:

  • Push communications strategy
    A push strategy is a direct form of communicating with your audience – ‘pushing’ your message to them with as little advertising as possible. Examples would be direct selling and exhibitions.
  • Pull communications strategy
    A pull strategy is a softer, but generally costly approach, where you encourage customer demand (pull) through things like advertising and promotions.
  • Profile communications strategy
    This is all about sustaining a dialogue with your audience and keeping them up to date with progress. This generally takes the form of relationship marketing.

Zero moment of truth

The buying cycle has been the focus of marketers for some time, but digital marketing communications has found an additional step that sits right between the brand stimulus and the shelf. Google identified this as the ZMOT (The Zero Moment of Truth). This is the moment when consumers reach for their computers (mobile or desk) to search your product and brand.

Consumers are always looking for the best deals and want to be sure they are making the right decisions and the web allows them to do just that. Your brand communications need to be part of the online community in order to be part of the ZMOT.

Why choose Jack Marketing Solutions™?

So why should you choose Jack Marketing Solutions™ for your digital marketing communications solutions:

  1. We are as entrepreneurial as you are.
  2. We operate with the top-level management.
  3. We have access to a network of deep resources.
  4. We operate a lean organisation with no large agency overheads.
  5. We have great experience with a track record of success in digital marketing communications.

Contact us today to see how we can maximise your potential in digital marketing communications.

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