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Is your website ready for a check-up? Get an expert evaluation for only £75.

Whether you feel that your website needs major surgery or a minor facelift, it is useful to get an impartial expert’s opinion to get the most out of your investment, and avoid costly mistakes.

Jack Marketing Solutions™ have devised a cost-effective website check-up for your site, where we examine eight critical areas, and provide you with a report on how you can improve it with a tweek, or in the next redesign. If you then choose Jack Marketing Solutions™ to help you improve your website, we’ll credit your £75 evaluation fee towards developing it.

How we evaluate your website

Our experts will personally look at your website and weigh its performance in eight critical areas:

Website Check-up Background Information

  • Name of website.
  • URL – Web address.
  • Location of website (i.e. city, state/province, country).
  • Type of website (i.e. educational, commercial, leisure, personal, etc).
  • Operating systems used (i.e. Mac OSX, Windows XP, etc).
  • Web browsers used (i.e. FireFox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome, etc).
  • Plug-ins needed (i.e. Adobe PDF reader, Flash plugin).
  • Screen size and display settings (i.e. 17″ screen, 1024×640 resolution, etc).

Overall Site Impressions

For more information of the site impressions – please click here.

Web Content Aspects

For more information about our web content evaluation – please click here.

Optimised Design Aspects

For optimised design evaluation criteria, please click here.

Site Navigation Aspects

To find out more about the site navigation evaluation we undertake – please click here.

Web Technology and Usability Aspects

For an overview of our web technology and usability checkup, please click here.

Site Maintenance Aspects

To find out more about the site maintenance evaluation we undertake on your website – please click here.

Content Enhancements

For content enhancement recommendations in relation to your content, please click here for more information.

We can also offer you a full audit to provide more detailed information – please visit the relevant page.

Jack Marketing Solutions™ can undertake this work for you, helping you define your requirements and develop a brief. For more information contact us now to find out how we can help release your potential with a website check-up.

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