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Website Check-up Solutions

Whether you feel that your website needs major surgery or a minor facelift, it is useful to get an impartial expert’s opinion to get the most out of your investment, and avoid costly mistakes.

Jack Marketing Solutions™ have devised a cost-effective check-up for your website, where we examine your site in eight critical areas, and provide you with a report on how you can improve it with a tweek, or in the next redesign. If you then choose Jack Marketing Solutions™ to help you improve your website, we’ll credit your £75 evaluation fee towards developing it.

Our experts will personally look at your website and weigh its performance in eight critical areas – this is section 3:

Web Content Aspects

Although a website might be “pretty,” the true test of whether people will really use the website is the quality of the content.

  • Does the website contain accuratehigh quality web content (i.e. interesting, useful resources)?
  • Is the authority of the website clear?
  • Are the contents objective, opinions identified, and perspectives balanced?
  • Are authentic resources used (i.e. reviewed materials, established sources, primary materials)?
  • Is the web content timely and current?
  • Is the web content relevantuseful, and meaningful to the intended audience?
  • Is the web content presented in an efficient and effective manner?
  • Is the breadth of the web content effective (i.e. goes beyond basic facts and data)?
  • Does the depth of web content match the varied audience needs (i.e. levels of pages or information beyond the entry page)?
  • Does the website provide resources that go beyond the ordinary (i.e. unique, local, specialist)?
  • Does the website contain a mix of content formats (i.e. text, graphics, photographs, video, audio) to address specific, and appropriate needs?
  • Is the web content logically organised?
  • Is the website free from spellinggrammatical, and other typographical errors?
  • Is the writing clear and appropriate for the developmental and reading level of the audience?
  • Is the web content presented in a variety of ways to meet individual differences (i.e. text, graphics, photographs, diagrams, audio, video)?
  • Is there quality web content beyond links?
  • Are links annotated, well-chosen, and organised in a logical manner?

See other criteria – please click here.

Jack Marketing Solutions™ can undertake this work for you, helping you define your requirements and develop a brief. For more information contact us now to find out how we can help release the potential of your web content.

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