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Understand your customer engagement

Any modern business must at least think about having a presence on social media networks. Even if you are not actively engaged on these social media channels, your customers probably will be. Social media marketing is a communication channel in which your customers can talk to or about you to a wide market.

Why do you need a social media marketing audit?

  • You may have been doing social media marketing already and want to know if its effective.
  • You might be using a social media marketing agency and want to know if they’re doing a good job.
  • You want to know that your social media marketing is following best industry practice.
  • You want to ensure that your updates and conversations on social media sites are applicable to the site and the audience.

Social Media Marketing Audit includes:

Digital presence – The degree to which your business maintains a presence in the following digital spaces: 

  • Blog feed.
  • Facebook profile page.
  • LinkedIn business page.
  • Instagram profile page.
  • Pinterest profile and boards.
  • Twitter profile page.
  • Web/microsites.

Your goals for social media marketing

  • SWOT of current digital footprint.
  • Social media goals.
  • Benchmarks for your social media/digital strategy – internal or external.
  • The staff responsible for social media within your business.
  • Social media returns on investment and other analytics.

Your social media

  • How your board react to and use social media.
  • The existing culture of access to and use of social media during working hours.
  • What is the policy in place to help the company deal with adverse comment and discussion on social media sites now?

Competitive landscape

  • Review of your competitors and industry leaders (even in other territories).

Contact Jack Marketing Solutions™ today and discuss how we can help you maximise your social media impact with our social media marketing audit.

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