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Prove that you are the best

Businesses strive to improve the efficiency of their operations. Your customers want proof that the products/services are of the highest and most consistent quality. We work with you to create the audit solutions you need, we provide you with a tool that ensures your business can operate and implement to the highest quality standards. We can also create bespoke audits to optimise your products and services, the image of your brand and create a competitive advantage.

Demonstrate your commitment to your customers

The Jack Marketing Solutions™ Audit Signposts™ will enable you to maximise your performance in many areas. An audit will help protect and enhance the reputation of your brand – online and offline. We offer standard audits for:

  • Marketing ROI
    Are you maximising your returns from your marketing activities?
  • Website
    Is your website performing and engaging your customers?
  • Accessibility
    legal requirement, and good SEO practice – is your digital marketing accessible?
  • Privacy
    legal necessity and a great trust builder – we assess and recommend privacy best practice for your business
  • Search Engine ROI
    Is your website performing well on the search engines – whether you want the free, organic traffic, or are prepared to pay for it – is it cost effective?
  • Web Check-up
    We offer an eight-point web check audit that will help you maximise the performance of your website.

Benefits of an audit

Assisting supplier assessments

By auditing your business processes against pre-prescribed standards, your customers and suppliers will know that your products/services meet the standards you promise. This helps to preserve your brand equity and company values within the whole supply chain.

Audit against a known standard

We will publish the auditing standards we use so that your customerssuppliers and authorities will know that you comply.

We have a history of undertaking and successfully executing large-scale, complex international projects, but can equally work with smaller projects.

Audit process

We use a standardised audit process, using the following methodology:

1. Plan the audit
Defining the parameters of the audit, who it is intended for, when and how often it should be done and what the outcomes should look like.

2. Collect data
Understanding what data we need to collect, from where and why is vital to the project.

3. Conformity
Identify where irregularities may occur and try to understand why they occur. We also define the measurement criteria.

4. Revising audit procedures
We don’t expect audits to work perfectly every time, as your business is dynamic, so the parameters will change. We look to implement revisions in a way that consistency is maintained as much as possible.

5. Reporting and certification
We evaluate the data, comparing it with industry standards to create an understandable, actionable report. You will also receive certification to display as proof of attaining the standard, where applicable.

Audits are only a snapshot of your process or performance at any one time, but as your business changes, so your compliance may also change. As a result, your audit is time limited, ensuring that your customers and suppliers know that you are up-to-date.

Contact Jack Marketing Solutions™ today to get a free quote to maximise your audit compliance.

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