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Jack Marketing Solutions™ have recently adopted a Quality Management System (QMS) to ISO9001:2008 standards, fully audited. This means that all our processes are fully structured and documented, allowing us to provide you with a fully efficient, professional service.

What is ISO9001?

This standard was developed to provide guidelines for the manufacture of products by ensuring that production was accomplished under controlled conditions. Quality standards began to emerge after World War 2 as a method of control and standardisation for military supplies. These controls evolved into BS5750, which was later revised and issued as ISO9000 (1987) and its associated documents ISO9001, 9002, and 9003.

Quality Management System Benefits

All our project management processes are easy to follow and documented so that you understand the process every step of the way. The benefits to you of our QMS are as follows:

  • Increased Efficiency – we can locate, troubleshoot any issues very quickly and effectively thanks to our documented processes, and train staff (our and yours) very effectively based on our detailed processes.
  • Increased Productivity – we can offer a more productive service to you based on our clear, understandable and well documented processes.
  • Employee Morale – our employees are happier, and therefore more approachable and willing to help. Your employee morale will also increase with the clear documentation we provide as part of our service.
  • Factual Approach to Decision Making – with regular audits and process reviews, we can ensure that our services and processes are well suited to your needs.
  • Supplier Relationships – relationships with our suppliers are enhanced as we have better documentation and procedural methods when dealing with them. This will provide you with a cheaper and faster service.
  • Documentation – the ISO QMS standard requires documentation of all processes and any changes, errors and discrepancies. This ensures consistency throughout production and accountability of all staff. This also guarantees traceable records are available in case of non-compliant products or raw materials. This is of great benefit to you.
  • Consistency – this is one of the foundations of ISO; All processes from research and development, to production, to shipping, are defined, outlined and documented, minimising room for error. Even the process of making changes to a process is documented, ensuring that changes are well planned and implemented in the best possible way to maximise efficiency.
  • Customer Satisfaction – client confidence is gained because of the universal acceptance of the ISO standards. Customer satisfaction is ensured because of the benefits of ISO9001 QMS to company efficiency, consistency and dedication to quality service.
  • Improvement Processes – the ISO9001 QMS outlines audit processes, management review and improvement processes based on collected data. Improvements are carefully planned and implemented based on facts, using a system of documentation and analysis, to ensure the best decisions are made for our company, and therefore for yours.

For more details on benefits to you, or for details on how you can contact us about your own QMS system, please contact us today.

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