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Chartered Marketer Status – At The Top Of The Profession

The Chartered Institute of Marketing were permitted to award individual Chartered Marketer status to members by The Queen’s Privy Council in 1998 to recognise professional excellence. Very few professional associations are able to award individual chartered status to qualifying members.

A Chartered Marketer demonstrates a professional dedication through an audited annual commitment to 35 hours of Continual Professional Development (CPD) that involves a mixture of learning or sharing marketing and related business knowledge.

In addition this this, only full members or fellows of the institute may apply for this status. Whilst there are other marketing associations around the world, the Chartered Institute of Marketing is the largest, and has been setting industry standards, training and accrediting marketers for over 100 years.

The Most Professional Of Marketers?

It is always difficult to say who would be the ‘most professional of marketers’ given that there are so many different accreditations and standards worldwide. Our founder, Thom Poole, is however, probably has achieved the top of the profession:

  • Individual Chartered Marketer status.
  • Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing.
  • Member of the Marketing Society.
  • Visiting Professor of Marketing.
  • Companyman of the prestigious Worshipful Company of Marketors (City of London Livery Company).
  • Author of many marketing and business book.

For more information on individual Chartered Marketer status, please refer to the CIM website or contact Jack Marketing Solutions™.

Glossary: Advertising, American Marketing Association, Branding, Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM), Chartered Marketer, Competitive Advantage, Corporate Reputation, Direct Marketing Association (DMA), Institute of Direct Marketing (IDM), Institute of Public Relations (IPR), Market Research Society (MRS), Thom Poole, Trust, Worshipful Company of Marketors

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